Primary product page design, asset design, front-end dev.

Client Omaze
Date Summer 2012
Services Front-end Development
Web & Visual Design
Product Development
Contract In-house

The Project

In 2012, I redesigned the main product page for Omaze, a Los Angeles-based startup producing one-of-a-kind experiences that are raffled away with proceeds benefitting charity partners.

Their original experience (product) page had issues. It wasn't always clear what was going on, each experience required custom graphics, and key details were hidden across a tabbed interface.

My goal was to bring that information to the forefront. I wanted to improving scannability, strengthen their calls to actions, and improve the overall structure and accessibility of the page.

While information had to be hunted across tabs before, the most important facts were now in the forefront: The experience, the charity partner, and a bulleted list of details.

Additionally, while the previous design required custom graphics to be produced for each event, the redesign allowed use of existing photos combined with a stock set full-bleed backgrounds relevant to each category. (Sports, television, film, music, etc).


Implemented in late 2012, my design remained in use through 2014, when Omaze changed their feature set to include tiered rewards, Kickstarter-style.

During this time, Omaze experienced massive growth, upgrading from a 3–4 person office in Santa Monica to employing 30–50 at a new space in Venice, as well as landing high profile experiences such as riding in an RV with the cast of Breaking Bad the screening of the final season's premiere.,


In addition to larger projects, my day to day focus as Omaze was creating brand-relevent assets for their experiences.

The Redesign