Case Study


Making life for RA patients a bit less painless.

Client DevHive
Date July 2013
Services Concept development to finished design
Status In development

The Project

Keeping track of daily pain levels and personal habits is a strong predictor in positive outcomes for those diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Unfortunately, this information is usually only recorded a couple times per-year at a physician's office.

JointTracker was designed to help users track their joint pain and ease of movement on an ongoing basis, with daily and weekly self-assessments.

Additionally, all of these assessments conform to the same RAPID-3 self-assessments used by Rheumatoid Arthritis specialists, making the data useful for both personal patient appointments and (as anonymized data) large-scale research.

JointTracker was designed with a focus on creating a relaxed environment in which user (especially those suffering from joint pain) can jump in, record that important information as quickly and easily as possible, and get on with their lives.

first-slide 4 weekly-diff 1-10 assessment-complete progress


To test the most complicated interaction, the joint pain map, I developed a touch-friendly version using HTML and Javascript.